Product description

The CMX983 is an Analogue Front End (AFE) IC that bridges the gap between a digital radio’s RF section and the DSP/FPGA.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of a Software Defined Radio (SDR). It is suitable for radio systems employing modulation bandwidths up to 50kHz in wideband mode and up to 25kHz in narrowband mode.

The CMX983 connects seamlessly with CML’s CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver and the CMX998 Cartesian Feedback Loop Transmitter, to provide a complete small form factor, RF-to-digitised baseband solution.

The device is widely used in high performance wireless data systems including: military and satellite communication, professional two-way radio and wireless telemetry applications.

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Block diagram

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Technical Portal

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  • Rx channel
    – Two 16-bit Σ-Δ A/D Converters
    – Programmable Channel Filter
  • Tx Channel
    – Two 14-bit Σ-Δ D/A Converters
    – Programmable Channel Filter
  • RF Support
    – Two 2.1GHz Fractional-N Synthesisers
  • Auxiliary Functions
    – 10-bit A/D Converter supporting (8-inputs)
    – Five Analogue Comparators
    – Nine 10-bit D/A Converters
  • DSP Interface
    – BUS Control and Configuration Port
    – Fast Serial Interface for Rx/Tx Data
  • Duplex and Half duplex operation
  • Direct connection to:
    – CMX998 Cartesian Loop Transmitter
    – CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver
  • Low power operation
    – 3.3V and 1.8v supplies
  • Small 64-lead VQFN Package


  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Satellite Communication
  • Wireless Data Terminals
  • Digital PMR/LMR Radio
    – TETRA
    – DMR
    – APCO P25
    – PDT

Power supply requirement

  • 3.0 to 3.6 V

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Design resources

CMX983 and EV9830 Questions

Q. The EV9830 works intermittently with a PE0003 kit. Is there a problem?

A. The EV9830 and PE0003 has a hardware reset that should be toggled by the host. This pin is not accessible to the PE0003 so we recommend that C11 is replaced to extend the time that the hardware reset is held low during power up. Guidance for the location and replacement of C11 is given in the latest EV9830 User Manual. This replacement is only required on early EV9830 kits.

DMR Rx Filter

A set of CMX983 receive channel filter coefficients suitable for baseband filtering in DMR applications

Rx sinc filter

CMX983 receive channel compensation coefficients using sinc filtering

Configure CMX983 synthesisers

An example script to set up MCLK and configures Synth1 to 902.425MHz and Synth2 to 2.1GHz.

EV9830 Evaluation Kit

EV9830 Evkit EV9830 The EV9830 Evaluation Kit allows evaluation of the CMX983 Baseband Interface for Digital Radio. For evaluation of the Fractional-N synthesisers, a 900MHz VCO is fitted with connections to synthesiser 1 and a 2.1GHz VCO is fitted with connections to synthesiser 2. Test pads are also provided for connection to an external VCO.

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EV9830 User Manual






EV9830 Evaluation Software

EV9830 Evaluation Software requires a PE0003 Universal Interface Card. Version 3.3

EV9830 Quick Start

A simple guide to help users get started evaluating the EV9830. Version 2

PE0003 Driver

PE0003 USB driver for Windows. Version 1.0

EV9830 Board Schematics

EV9830 high resolution schematics. Version D03

C-BUS Guides

Guides to operation and interfacing

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