Product List - CML Microcircuits

Product List

Below is a list showing CML’s current products:

Wireless Data

RF Building Blocks

Marine Communications

Digital/Analogue TWR

Digital Voice

Wireline Telecom
CMX469A - 1200/2400/4800 Baud FFSK ModemCMX901- RF Power AmplifierCMX7032/7042 - AIS Baseband Processor ICs (with embedded exactTrax™)CMX138A - Audio Scrambler and Sub-audio Signalling ProcessorCMX638 - RALCWI Vocoder ICsCMX602B - Calling Line Identifier plus Call Waiting CLI and CIDCW
CMX589A - Versatile Full-duplex GMSK ModemCMX902 - RF Power Amplifier CMX7045 - Marine AIS SART ProcessorCMX148 - PMR Audio and Data ProcessorCMX639 - CVSD Voice CodecCMX605 - Digital-to-Analogue, POTS, Signalling Interface
CMX7143 - Multi-Mode Data ModemCMX970 - IF/RF Quadrature Demodulator CMX885 - Marine VHF Audio and Signalling ProcessorCMX264 - Frequency Domain Split-band Scrambler ICCMX649 - Adaptive Delta Modulation (ADM) Voice CodecCMX631A - 12kHz and 16kHz SPM Detector
CMX7163 - QAM ModemCMX971 - RF Quadrature ModulatorCMX910 - Class A and B AIS Baseband Signal ProcessorCMX7031/7041 - Two-way Radio Processor IC Offering Voice, Signalling and Data FunctionsCMX7011 - Digital Voice ProcessorCMX654 - V.23 Transmit Modulator with Data Retiming
CMX7164 - Multi-Mode Wireless Data ModemCMX972 - Quadrature Demodulator with IF PLL VCOVDES1000 - VHF Data Exchange SystemCMX7131/7141 - Digital PMR (DPMR) Processors CMX7261 - Voice Multi-Transcoder ICCMX673 - Call Progress Tone Detector
CMX909B - GMSK Packet Data ModemCMX973 - RF Quadrature Modulator/DemodulatorCMX7241/7341 - PMR/LMR Common Platform ProcessorsCMX7262 - TWELP VocoderCMX683 - Call Progress and Voice Detector
CMX969 - Packet Data ModemCMX975 - 2.7GHz Up/Down-converter, LNA, Dual PLL + VCOCMX823 - Programmable Paging-Tone DecoderCMX850 - Communications Controller IC
FX/MX919B - Half Duplex 4FSK Packet Data ModemCMX979 - Dual PLL VCO RF Building BlockCMX838 - FRS/GMRS/PMR446 'Family Radio' (signalling and voice) ProcessorCMX860 - Telephone Signalling Transceiver
FX929B - 4FSK RD-LAP Packet Data ModemCMX991 - RF Quadrature TransceiverCMX881 - Baseband Processor IC for PMR and Trunked Radios SystemsCMX865A - DTMF Codec/FSK Combo
CMX992 - RF Quadrature/Low IF ReceiverCMX882 - Baseband Processor IC with GPS Data Signalling for FRS, MURS, PMR446 and GMRS 'Leisure Radios'CMX867A - Low Power V.22 Modem
CMX993 - RF (I/Q) Quadrature ModulatorCMX883 - Baseband Processor for FRS, MURS, PMR446 and GMRS 'Leisure Radios'CMX868A - V.22 bis Modem
CMX994/994A/994E - RF Direct Conversion Receiver ICsCMX983 - Analogue Front End (AFE) for Digital RadioCMX869B - Low Power V.32 bis Modem
CMX998 - CFBL TransmitterSCT3258TD - DMR/dPMR/Analog Processor with embedded VocoderFX/MX614 - Bell 202 Compatible Modem
FX604 - V.23 Compatible Modem

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