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Unlicensed voice solution lasts longer, goes further

14:14 22 May in Blog, Wireless Data

    Just connect a battery and speaker, push the button and talk; it’s as easy as that to try out CML’s new SCT2400 2.4GHz Voice and Data Transceiver. CML is offering a comprehensive evaluation board that demonstrates the product in a typical application, as a small form factor 16-channel radio solution. It’s a complete radio transceiver that can be used worldwide without the need for a license or connection via a network.  This novel solution can provide five times the operating duration of comparable mobile radio systems as well as long range operation.

    As well as providing demonstration of the SCT2400 device, the board can also be easily reconfigured via its USB interface, making it a flexible development tool.

    You are invited to come and try the board on CML’s booth (128) at IMS Boston, MA, June 4-6. To read more about our participation at the exhibition and the CML products on show, click here.


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