Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

A World class engineering team offering a range of services including product development, consultancy and system design.

Based in Somerset, CML Microcircuits – Systems Engineering continues the tradition of RF and DSP technology established in the area by the ground-breaking work of Bath and Bristol Universities. In addition to its role developing core CML products, Systems Engineering specialises in professional communication product development; a specialty is RF and FirmASIC® based customisation developments, supplying this service to third-party/external customers.

Skill Sets

DSP software, baseband processing platforms and RF design including linearised transmitters. Experience in a broad range of systems include: TETRA, Marine Communication (AIS), PMR, DMR, dPMR, NXDN, Telecom Modems (e.g.V.32 bis), APCO P25, Aviation VHF Digital Link (Mode 2, 3 and 4) and Satellite systems.

  • DSP software
    Real-time and algorithm development including testing and approval
  • Baseband hardware
    Microprocessors, VHDL, FirmASIC® and DSP platforms
  • RF design
    Transmitter linearisation (especially Cartesian loop), high performance direct conversion and conventional receivers
  • International standardisation
    Active in European and Worldwide standardisation
  • System and product development
    Feasibility studies, product demonstrators through to complete product development. Examples of some of the products that Systems Engineering have been involved in:

    • Railway signalling and communication system
    • Marine AIS Class A and AIS Class B transponders
    • Electricity Meter communication sub-system
    • FDMA and TDMA digital PMR demonstrator based on Direct Conversion
    • Wireless data modem demonstrator supporting linear modulation and Direct Conversion
  • Consultancy
    Focused on technology development, Systems Engineering can offer various consultancy
    services, in particular technology evaluation, technical due diligence, cost reduction studies and technology road map studies.


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