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CML China, trading as Sicomm Technologies, is a professional IC design house located in Wuxi and Shanghai, China. Sicomm, a member of the CML Microsystems Plc group of companies, specialises in high quality, leading edge designs for digital voice radio, focusing on high volume, high integration and low cost digital voice radio solutions.

We are pleased to announce that CML Microcircuits is now offering some of Sicomm’s product range that is specifically targeted at high volume and low cost radio applications.

To view our recently published press releases on the Sicomm SCT9389 + SCT9366D and the SCT3258TD, click the links below, or go straight to the product range.

SCT3258TD press release

SCT9389 + SCT9366D press release

CML’s Sicomm Product Range

SCT3258TDSCT3258TD – DMR/dPMR Analog Processor

The SCT3258TD is a low power, high performance baseband processor, supporting DMR and dPMR radio protocols. The device embeds the data link layer and much of the call control layer processing of the DMR and dPMR protocol.

SCT3258TD Product Page

SCT3258TD Product Preview

SCT9366D – Design Reference for the SCT3258TD

The SCT9366D is a PMR radio transceiver design that supports DMR/Analog or dPMR/Analog operation. The design is based on a digital baseband processor SCT3258TD, MCU, direct conversion receiver, integrated PLL/VCO and high efficiency power amplifier.

SCT3258TD Product Page (Find the SCT9366D under the Design Resources tab)

SCT9366D Product Preview

SCT3268TDSCT3268TD – DMR/dPMR Processor with Analog Mode

The SCT3268TD is a highly integrated, low power, high performance, Digital/Analog PMR/LMR baseband processor with an embedded vocoder and ARM 32-bit Cortex-M0 host microcontroller.

SCT3268TD Product Page

SCT3268TD Product Preview


SCT9389 – Design Reference for the SCT3268TD

The SCT9389 is a small form factor PMR radio transceiver that supports DMR/Analog operation or dPMR/Analog operation and has been tested against EN 300 113 requirements.

SCT3268TD Product Page (Find the SCT9389 under the Design Resources tab)

SCT9389 Product Preview

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