SDR Demonstrator for Industrial IoT Modems Whitepaper

IIoT Whitepaper – An exploration into how QAM, narrowband and licensed bandwidth are meeting the demand for actionable IIoT data.

The crowded RF environment has created real barriers to the continued use of wireless technology. For this reason, many are choosing to use parts of the regulated bandwidth that require a license for operation. However, even this does not provide the guaranteed quality of service some subscribers need, at least not without applying another layer of reliability

Narrowband is inherently more reliable than wideband technologies and offers significant benefits in applications that require greater immunity to noise and other forms of interference. However, it also comes with the disadvantage of offering lower data bandwidth. The use of QAM is an effective way of increasing bandwidth and, when applied in narrowband transmissions, provides the features needed by a wide range of professional applications.

Main points of the whitepaper:

  • The state of the RF nation
  • Moving from Shift Keying to Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
  • Making linear modulation work
  • Narrowband chipsets supporting QAM
  • Standards for RF transmissions


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