The CML Quality Policy

CML’s operations will be conducted in a manner which recognises that our customers need and expect our product to be supplied free of defect and fit for use as specified.

CML will maintain an EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality System which aims to ensure that these expectations are always met.

We will conform at all times with the documented processes which govern the design, manufacture and supply of our products. These processes are directed at ensuring the consistent performance required to achieve our quality objectives.

All employees are to be aware of the relevance and importance of their personal contribution towards CML achieving its quality objectives

CML will continually seek to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, and the quality of its products and services, in ways appropriate to the needs of our customers and commercial interests and policies of the company. Measurable and reviewed quality objectives are to be regularly included as part of CML’s improvement activities.

Download: Quality Policy


The CML Environmental Policy

CML supports the concept of conserving the natural environment and aims to manage its operations in ways that are environmentally friendly and economically viable.

In accordance with this view, CML conducts its operations in a manner that is expected to achieve the following environmental objectives:

  • To comply with or exceed the requirements of the relevant environmental legislation governing CML’s business operations
  • To use energy and water efficiently for this purpose
  • To minimise waste production, as far as this is reasonable and practical, and to control the treatment and disposal of waste produced


The CML REACH Policy

Download: REACH Statement


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