Product description

The CMX654 is a low power CMOS integrated circuit for the transmission of asynchronous 1200bps data in accordance with ITU, V.23 and ETSI specifications. The modulator incorporates an optional Tx data re-timing function. The device can be operated so that only the mark or space tone is produced.

The CMX654 can be used in a range of telephone telemetry systems. With a low voltage requirement of 3.0V, a low current #sleep’ mode and operating current of 1mA typ. it is suitable for both portable terminal and line powered applications.

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Block diagram


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  • 1200bps, V.23 Transmit Modulator
  • Zero-Power Mode
  • 1200bps Tx Data Retimimg
  • 3.58MHz Xtal/Clock Rate
  • Meets ITU and ETSI Specifications


Caller ID Generation for:

  • SDN Terminal Adapters
  • Wireless Local Loop Systems
  • ISDN PABX Applications
  • Pair-Gain Systems
  • Public Switched Telephone Networks
  • Trunk Exchanges

Power supply requirement

  • 3.0 to 5.5 V

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