Product description

The SCT7033 is a complete, proven, protocol solution that seamlessly integrates with CML’s CMX7032 Marine AIS Baseband Processor and allows designers and manufacturers to quickly develop AIS Class B CSTDMA transceivers, targeting emerging market applications.

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is governed by well-established marine standards intended, primarily, to allow ships to view marine traffic in their area and to be seen by that traffic.  The standards define technical and operating parameters to ensure correct interworking between equipment and as such define the communications protocols that are to be used.

The SCT7033 integrates a proven protocol stack meeting these requirements.  It supports CSTDMA data transmission as well as providing flexible interfacing to GNSS receivers, NMEA0183 marine communications bus, status LEDs and USB/UART interfaces.  The device automatically configures the CMX7032, CML’s AIS modem processor and PLLs to the appropriate AIS and marine radio channels.

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Block diagram


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Functional Summary

  • Implements AIS Class B CSTDMA protocol stack
  • IEC 62287-1 edition 3 compatible
  • CMX7032 / DE70322TC compatible
  • exactTrax™ support

Technical features

  • ITU-R M.1371-5 compliant
  • uBlox GNSS interface
  • USB and UART Presentation Interfaces
  • LED indicator drivers for channel and operational status
  • DSC decoder included
  • Optional GPIO for future customisation
  • 100LQFP package


  • AIS transceivers
  • AIS receivers


Power supply requirement

  • 3.3V

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Design resources

SCT7033 Demonstration Kit



The DE70322TC is a complete AIS Class B CSTDMA (IEC 62287-1) technology demonstrator/reference design package that will enable manufacturers to quickly deploy an AIS Class B transceiver to the market.


DE70322TC Product Preview

DE70322TC User Manual

Knowledge Base

SCT7033 / DE70322TC GUI – Available to download on the CML Technical Portal.
A PC GUI application to configure the SCT7033 with vessel data and to provide a suite of test modes for evaluation and certification of a customer developed solution.

DE70322TC High Resolution Schematic. Rev B02 – Download

DE70322TC High Resolution Component Overlay. Rev B – Download

DE70322TC Support Package. Rev B02 – Download
A zip archive containing Altium design files, BOM and layer stack information for manufacture of the DE70322TC.

CMX7032 AIS Baseband Processor IC

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