Product description

The CMX7045 is a dedicated processor for marine Automatic Identification System (AIS), Search and Rescue Transmitter (SART) operation, fully meeting the requirements of IEC 61097-14.

This highly integrated and flexible device includes a 9600 baud GMSK modem for the transmission of formatted data.
Additional auxiliary functions are provided to support the system host, these include: a two-input 10-bit ADC, four 10-bit DACs, two system clock outputs and four GPIOs.

To ensure maximum system battery life, the CMX7045 offers low power sleep modes, and is available in a in small 48-pin LQFP or VQFN packages.

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Block diagram



  • Tx AIS GMSK Modem
  • AIS SART Formatted Data
  • Flexible Tx Interface
  • Battery Monitor
  • FirmASIC® IC Configurable by Function Image™
  • Two Auxiliary Clock Generators
  • Two-input Auxiliary (10-bit) ADC
  • Four Auxiliary (10-bit) DACs
  • Conforms to IEC 61097-14
  • Active Integration Roadmap


  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) Systems for Marine Safety
  • AIS-Personal Location Beacon (AIS-PLB)
  • AIS-Man Over Board (AIS-MOB)

Power supply requirement

  • 3.0 to 3.6 V

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Design resources

PE0402 Evaluation Kit

PE0003 PE0003 The PE0003 Evaluation Kit Interface Card is a global interface system for use with evaluation kits for CML’s new generation ICs, including FirmASIC™ based products. This greatly simplifies the approach to the evaluation and design-in process. PE0003_Product_Page


PE0402 PE0402 The PE0402 Platform Evaluation Kit is designed to assist in the evaluation and application development of the CMX704x/CMX714x range of FirmASIC products. PE0402_Product_Preview

C-BUS Guides

Guides to operation and interfacing

Package: Q3

48-pin VQFN

Package: L4

48-pin LQFP

VQFN Design Guidance Notes

VQFN Design Guidance Notes

CMX7031/41 - CMXsynth1 450M

Synthesiser set-up example. Target board is the PE0201.

PE0402 for 6.144MHz Operation

Changes the PE0402 programming block to allow operation at 6.144MHz Note that some Function Images cannot operate at 6.144MHz

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