Product description

The DE9941A is a compact UHF wireless data modem demonstration platform using the CMX994E Direct Conversion Receiver, the CMX998 Cartesian Feedback Loop Transmitter and the CMX7364 High Performance Multi-mode Wireless Data Modem.

The credit card sized small form factor of the evaluation platform is due to the highly integrated nature of the CML IC solutions and its software defined architecture allows support of multiple channel bandwidths (12.5/25/50kHz) and modulation types with a single hardware design. There are two versions of the design available; the DE9941A-375 optimised for operation in the 350 – 450 MHz band and the DE9941A-435 optimised for operation in the 400 – 470 MHz band.

The board can be used to demonstrate receive and transmit performance with multi-level QAM, FSK and GMSK type modulation. Using the on-board ARM host controller, a full transceiver can be demonstrated interfacing to a host PC via USB, with scripts available to set up the board as a transceiver, as well as running BER tests and operation in transmit mode only.

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Block diagram

DE9941A block diagram

Product SnapShot


  • Complete UHF modem solution
  • On-board ARM controller with script handler and USB interface
  • Credit card size – 87mm x 55mm
  • Ample test points for signal interrogation
  • 12.5/25/50kHz channel support
  • Supports m-QAM modulation
  • 192kbps in a 50kHz channel
  • 1 Watt transmit output
  • Designed to meet EN 302 561 / EN 300 113


  • VHF/UHF modems
    • Industrial IoT
    • Telemetry
    • SCADA
    • Real Time Kinematics
    • Military systems
  • Satellite modems (IF stage)

Power supply requirement

  • 4.5 V

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Design resources

Hi-Resolution Schematic

A high-resolution schematic for the DE9941A-375. Rev B03.

Hi-Resolution Schematic

A high-resolution schematic for the DE9941A-435. Rev B01.

Hi-Resolution Overlay

A high resolution overlay for the DE9941A. Rev B03.

PCB Manufacturing Data

PCB Design files for fast reproduction of the DE9941A PCB including layer stack information are available on request. Please contact CML Technical Support

GUI application

A PC based GUI application for the DE9941A-375 and DE9941A-435 that runs on Windows 10. Version 1.3.

Demonstration Scripts

A set of scripts that can be run in the PC GUI App to demonstrate QAM modes on the DE9941A-375 (not suitable for the DE9941A-435). Data rates up to 240kbps in a 50k channel are supported.

Demonstration Scripts

A set of scripts that can be run in the PC GUI App to demonstrate QAM and FSK modes on the DE9941A-435 (not suitable for the DE9941A-375). FSK modes support 4, 8 and 16 -FSK. Data rates up to 240kbps in a 50k channel are supported, the higher rates using QAM 16 in a 50k channel.

QAM Function Image

The CMX7364 and the DE9941A Evaluation Kits require a Function Image file to operate. There are different Function Images required to support QAM and MFSK modes (4, 8 and 16 -FSK). This is loaded into the CMX7364 using the GUI app. Only Function Image 7364FI-4x and 7364-FI2x are valid.

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