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The DE70322T is a complete AIS Class B (IEC 62287-1) technology demonstrator/reference design package that will enable manufacturers to quickly deploy an AIS Class B transceiver to the market.  This flexible platform provides a new low cost route to developing an AIS class B transceiver, taking it through certification and getting to market in a fast and trouble-free manner.

The DE70322T implements a dual-channel receiver / single transmitter on 161.975MHz (AIS channel 1) and 162.025MHz (AIS channel 2) with 25kHz channel spacing and 9600bps over-air data rate. The receivers are programmable across the entire marine band (156.000 to 162.050 MHz) while the transmitter is optimised for use in the upper marine band (160.000 to 162.050 MHz).

The design is a flexible platform based around the CMX7032 Marine AIS baseband and protocol processor.

Function Images

Two Function Images™ are available:

  • 7032/7042FI-1.x  providing full AIS Class B operation
  • 7032/7042FI-3.x  providing full marine AIS Class B operation with the addition of exactTrax™ and exactSeNS operation


The on-board ARM microcontroller (STM32F411VET6) allows a USB-connected host to directly control the CMX7032 using CML script processing language, but also implements a basic Rx-only capability that can be used directly with a suitable PC-based plotter.

A JTAG header allows designers to implement their own code and/or implement a complete Class-B CSTDMA protocol stack.

There is sufficient memory and processing capability to implement  a Class-B SOTDMA (IEC 62287-2) protocol stack, however the RF output of the pcb is limited to 2W.

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Please note: The DE70322TC  is a complete AIS Class B CSTDMA (IEC 62287-1) technology demonstrator/reference design based on the SCT7033 and DE70322T architecture.

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Block diagram



  • AIS Class B Transceiver
  • Technology Demonstrator
  • Designed To Meet IEC62287-1
  • On-Board ARM Host Microcontroller
  • 2W Tx Output Power
  • On-Board GNSS Receiver
  • Market Leading Performance
  • Dual UART Interface
  • Dual, Independent GMSK Receiver Channels
  • USB Interface
  • Small Size (122mm x 55mm)
  • AIS Stack Support Path


  • AIS Class B Transceiver SOTDMA/CSTDMA
  • Standalone Dual AIS Receiver Operation

Power supply requirement

  • 5V
  • USB Sourced For Standalone AIS Receiver

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Design resources

Function Images:

  • FI-1.x Class A and Class B (CSTDMA/SOTDMA) Marine Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponders. For CMX7032 with embedded synthesisers or CMX7042 external synthesiser version.
  • FI-3.x As FI-1.x with extensions for exactTrax™ Tracking Facility.

DE70322T Information Sheet

Packing list and useful Evaluation Kit information. Version 1

DE70322T High Resolution Schematic REV B01

See the Readme file for component changes to Rev B02, Rev B03 and Rev B04

DE70322T Component Overlays. Rev B

Support Package

See the Readme file for component changes to Rev B02, Rev B03 and Rev B04. Version 2: BoM and Readme files corrected.

DE70322T GUI

A windows based GUI for controlling the DE70322T or managing firmware downloads. This GUI can also be used to unbrick an unresponsive board. The CML Scripting system can be used to aid evaluation or to assist with rapid code development. Version 1.0

DE70322T Binary Image

Visit the CMX7032 page on our Technical Portal for this file.

DE70322T Source Code

Visit the CMX7032 page on our Technical Portal for this file.

DE70322T Development Tools

CML suggest the free-to-use Integrated Design Environment, ‘System Workbench for STM32’ from ST Micro. For debugging and programming the DE70322T a JTAG debugger is required. CML suggest the ST Link V2, a low-cost tool available from ST Micro.

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