Product description

The CMX7158 is a full-duplex, frequency inversion audio scrambler IC. This makes it a suitable device for use in multi-function audio systems as well as mobile and hand portable Cellular / Bluetooth / PMR / LMR radio systems.

The device provides additional functionality to facilitate implementation including DTMF and Selcall signalling, VOX detection on both channels and a MIC AGC.

There are flexible power saving modes and the production devices will be supplied as a FirmASIC® Function Image format in a 48-pin VQFN Q3 package suitable for use with the PE0402 evaluation kit.

The device is realised using CML’s proprietary FirmASIC® component technology. A Function Image™ that defines the devices functionality is loaded at power-up, either from a host controller connected over the C-BUS interface or an attached serial flash memory device.

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Block diagram



  • Fully independent Tx and Rx paths
  • Programmable Inversion points
  • MIC path AGC
  • VOX detection
  • DTMF encoder / decoder
  • Selcall encoder / decoder
  • Digital Gain Adjustment
  • C-BUS Serial Interface to Host µController
  • Bypass mode for HD Audio (up to 7kHz)
  • Clear Mode
  • Tx Enable and Rx Enable outputs
  • Flexible Powersave Modes
  • Low-power 3.0 to 3.6V Operation
  • Small 48-pin Q3 VQFN Package


  • Cellular Radio
  • Bluetooth communication headsets
  • PMR/LMR radio systems
  • Wireless access control systems


Power supply requirement

  • 3.0 – 3.6V

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Design resources

PE0402 The PE0402 Platform Evaluation Kit is designed to assist in the evaluation and application development of the CMX704x/CMX714x range of FirmASIC products. PE0402_Product_Preview
PE0003PE0003 The PE0003 Evaluation Kit Interface Card is a global interface system for use with evaluation kits for CML’s new generation ICs, including FirmASIC™ based products. This greatly simplifies the approach to the evaluation and design-in process. PE0003_Product_Page

Package: Q3

48-pin VQFN

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