VDES1000 – VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) Module

    15 November in

    The VDES1000 module is a complete marine VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution. Implemented using state-of-the art technology provides a very tight integration, with industry leading high performance and unsurpassed flexibility in a very small form factor. The module provides out-of-the box...

    CMX7045 – Marine AIS SART Processor

      19 October in

      The CMX7045 is a dedicated processor for marine Automatic Identification System (AIS), Search and Rescue Transmitter (SART) operation, fully meeting the requirements of IEC 61097-14. This highly integrated and flexible device includes a 9600 baud GMSK modem for the transmission of formatted data. Additional auxiliary functions are...

      CMX885 – Marine VHF Audio and Signalling Processor

        19 October in

        The CMX885 is a half-duplex, audio, signalling and data processing IC for use in Marine VHF radio systems. Complete voice-band processing, filtering, pre- or de-emphasis and frequency inversion scrambling. Signal routing and filtering is included to assist host µC based signal encoding/decoding applications. A 1200bps Digital Selcall...

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