CMX823 – Programmable Paging-Tone Decoder

    20 October in

    The CMX823 is a high performance, low power, audio tone decoder that can operate on low S/N signals. Each decoded tone frequency is user-defined to provide the flexibility to operate in a variety of paging, two-way radio and proprietary systems. Example systems and tones include: Motorola Quick...

    CMX148 – PMR Audio and Data Processor

      19 October in

      The CMX148 PMR audio and data processor is a half-duplex, signalling and data processing IC for use in systems that utilise the host µC to perform signalling, including CTCSS/DCS encoding/decoding. Comprehensive audio processing facilities include: complete audio processing, filtering, companding, pre or de-emphasis and frequency...

      CMX7131/CMX7141 – Digital PMR (dPMR) Processors

        19 October in

        The CMX7131 and CMX7141 are half-duplex processor IC platforms built on FirmASIC® technology that are suitable for use in multi-standard digital PMR (dPMR) and dual-mode (analogue/digital) systems. FirmASIC® component technology allows on-chip sub-systems to be reconfigured by a Function Image™ (FI): this is a data file that...

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