Private Mobile Radio (PMR) Whitepaper

PMR Whitepaper – New levels of integration provide the competitive advantage for Private Mobile Radio (PMR) manufacturers thanks to higher performance and lower power in a smaller, single-chip solution

CMX940 RF PMR image to be used alongside the whitepaper


When a natural disaster or attack strikes, there is always a peak in demand for cellular bandwidth. A smartphone is one of the first things that people at the disaster, or in the nearby vicinity, will rely on for help and information. For this reason, LMR will remain critical for emergency services and first responders. Beyond this scenario, LMR will continue to benefit organisations requiring secure, reliable communications. This is why the LMR market continues to grow, doubling in size over the last 5 years.

The use of wireless technologies for voice and digital services also continues to expand. In a wide area network scenario, cellular or public Wi-Fi networks are often the only option. Neither of these are designed for mission critical applications and do not come with any guaranteed level of service.

All of these applications can be improved through lower system power and higher system performance. The CMX940 differentiates itself in the market with its low close-in phase noise and a design that mitigates integer and sub-integer boundary spurious, bringing new levels of performance to the PMR market.

Main points of the whitepaper:

  • Introduction to PMR/LMR mobile radio
  • Narrowband communications made better
  • Giving new PMR designs a competitive edge
  • The technical advantage for PMR
  • How the CMX940 is changing the PMR market

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