Next Generation Voice and Data Platform Whitepaper

Digital Communication Whitepaper: Delivering the next-generation voice and data platform that is better than analogue but cheaper than digital


SCT200_WP_picFor over a century radio was synonymous with audio but, as demonstrated by Guglielmo Marconi’s first practical use of radio waves, its origins lie in telegraphy. In other words, the payloads of the first wireless network were text, or as we now commonly refer to it, data.

This whitepaper explores the PMR market, how it is positioned alongside cellular, its customer base and their specific requirements, how radio has developed over the years and explains the evolution of analogue to digital. CML understand the challenges that manufacturers face within this market and offer the right solution to elevate unlicensed digital PMR to the next evolutionary step with the SCT2400.

Main points of the whitepaper:

  • An introduction to PMR and digital PMR
  • Analogue Vs Digital
  • Digital performance at analogue price-points
  • A non-standard approach
  • Conclusion and summary


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