Reconfigurable Technology

FirmASIC® provides the optimum combination of analogue, digital, firmware and memory technologies in a single IC platform.

FirmASIC® is a CML proprietary technology that has been successfully deployed in a wide range of standard and custom product offerings. Key benefits of this technology include: Fast time-to-market, low cost, low risk, small footprint and unsurpassed flexibility.

A growing family of approved and stable FirmASIC® hardware platforms is available, each providing a different mix of fixed and re-definable functions.

The whole essence of FirmASIC® is delivering a product with the right feature mix, performance and cost for a specific target application, in the shortest possible time

Key Benefits

  • Fast time-to-market, no multiple silicon runs necessary
  • Evaluation samples in typically 3 months
  • High flexibility, family of hardware platforms available, each with specific functionality
  • Standard Function Image™ library
  • Custom function design
  • Low cost, low NRE costs
  • Competitive end product costs
  • Realistic option for opportunities down to 5k units per annum
  • Low risk, stable platforms available now
  • Evaluation stages allow customer field trials
  • Low power operation, the heart of the hardware platforms
  • Small package footprint 32 to 64 pin VQFN/LQFP small outline packages

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