Evaluation and Demonstration Kits

The table below shows the Evaluation and Demonstration Kits available for use with our products. The table provides links to the appropriate product that the kit supports. Please note, some of the products that the kits support are mature or obsolete products and further information on these can be found in the Product Archive.

Evaluation and Demonstration KitsProduct TitleTarget Product Page
PE0003PE0003 Universal Interface CardPE0003
PE0402Evaluation Kit for the CMX704x and CMX714xCMX7041
PE0403-724xEvaluation Kit for the CMX7241CMX7241/CMX7341
PE0403-734xEvaluation Kit for the CMX7341CMX7241/CMX7341
EV1480Evaluation Kit for the CMX148Product Archive
EV6550DEvaluation Kit for the CMX655DCMX655D
EV6550DHATRaspberry Pi HAT for the CMX655DCMX655D
PE0101-7011Evaluation Kit for the CMX7011Product Archive
PE0601-7163Evaluation Kit for the CMX7163Product Archive
PE0601-7164Evaluation Kit for the CMX7164CMX7164
PE0602-7364Evaluation Kit for the CMX7364CMX7364
PE0601-7261Evaluation Kit for the CMX7261CMX7261
PE0601-7262Evaluation Kit for the CMX7262CMX7262
PE0601-7861Evaluation Kit for the CMX7861Product Archive
DE70322TDemonstration Kit for the CMX7032CMX7032
DE70322TCDemonstration Kit for the CMX7032 and SCT7033CMX7032

DE8681Demonstration Kit for the CMX868AProduct Archive
DE8691Demonstration Kit for the CMX869BCMX869B
EV6380Evaluation Kit for the CMX638CMX618/638
EV8500Communications Controller ICProduct Archive
EV8850Evaluation Kit for the CMX885CMX885
EV9011-160Evaluation Kit for the CMX901CMX901
EV9011-435Evaluation Kit for the CMX901CMX901
EV9011-915Evaluation Kit for the CMX901CMX901
EV9021-160Evaluation Kit for the CMX902CMX902
EV9021-435Evaluation Kit for the CMX902CMX902
EV9100Evaluation Kit for the CMX910CMX910
EV9700Evaluation Kit for the CMX970CMX970
EV9710Evaluation Kit for the CMX971CMX971
EV9720Evaluation Kit for the CMx972CMX972
EV9730Evaluation Kit for the CMX973CMX973
EV9810Evaluation Kit for the CMX981Product Archive
EV9830Evaluation Kit for the CMX983CMX983
EV9910BEvaluation Kit for CMX991CMX991
EV9920BEvaluation Kit for the CMX992CMX992
EV9930RF (I/Q) Quadrature ModulatorCMX993/W
EV9930WWide Band RF (I/Q) Quadrature ModulatorCMX993/W
DE9941ASDR Demonstrator for Linear Radio SystemsCMX7364

EV9942AEvaluation Kits for the CMX994/CMX994A/CMX994ECMX994/A/E
EV9942EEvaluation Kits for the CMX994/CMX994A/CMX994ECMX994/A/E
EV9980Evaluation Kit for the CMX998CMX998
DE9944SDR Demonstrator for FDMA Digital RadioCMX7141
DE9945SDR Demonstrator: PMR/LMR Common Platform ProcessorCMX7341
DE9945ESDR Demonstrator: PMR/LMR Common Platform ProcessorCMX7341
SCT2400EVMEvaluation Kit for the SCT2400HDA SCT2400

CML’s Sicomm Communication Technologies

Design ReferenceProduct TitleTarget Product Page
SCT9389Design reference for the SCT3268TDSCT3268TD
SCT9366DDesign reference for the SCT3258TDSCT3258TD

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