Direct Conversion Offsets Whitepaper

RF Whitepaper: Addressing the DC offset challenge in direct conversion RF receivers


DC_whitepaper_picDirect conversion radio techniques have been widely adopted in recent years for many wireless communications’ applications, which have simplified designs and lowered component costs compared with conventional superheterodyne receiver designs. However, there is one major challenge in taking this approach; the DC offset voltages that occur within the down-converter mixer stage.

This whitepaper explores the use of direct conversion for RF applications such as private mobile radio (PMR) or satellite communications, including an investigation into some of the causes of DC offsets and an outline of some steps that can be taken to minimise them.

Main points of the whitepaper:

  • Superheterodyne, zero IF and low IF
  • Direct conversion architecture
  • Causes of DC offsets
  • DC offset mitigation
  • Fine offset correction
  • Baseband processor


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