Two-Way Radio

CML’s two-way radio products address both the full baseband and communication requirements of digital/analogue PMR/LMR, military, trunked radio, marine and leisure radio systems. A wide range of voice, signalling and data processing ICs are offered supporting digital communication systems including:DMR, dPMR, NXDN, ARIB STD, APCO P25 and TETRA.

Digital/Analogue Two-Way Radio Products
ProductProduct DescriptionFDMA systemsTDMA systemsLD or I/Q
Embedded functionsSupply voltage
Typ. Current
Package type
CMX7241 CMX7341
PMR Common Platform
dPMR™ Mode 1/2/3
Analogue PMR
LD or I/QAutomatic Digital and Analogue detection
Air Interface Protocols: Physical and Data Link Layers, Complete Analogue Processing
AUX ADCs/DACs, RAMDAC, 4FSK, GPIO and System Clocks
3.0 - 3.64.448-VQFN
CMX983Analogue Front End (AFE)
for Digital Radio
UniversalUniversalI/QChannel Filters, Audioband Codec, AUX, ADCs, DACs, RAMDAC,
GPIO and Speaker Amp, 2 Frac-N Synths
3.0 - 3.6-64-VQFN
CMX7131CMX7141Multi-standard Digital PMR
(dPMR) Processor
dPMR ™ Mode 1/2/3
NXDN™ AnaloguePMR
-LD/IQAIr Interface Protcols: Physical and Data Link Layers, Audioband Codec
AUX ADCs/DACs, RAMDAC, GPIO and System Clocks
3.0- 3.64.448-VQFN/LQFP
CMX7031 CMX7041Two-way Radio ProcessorAnalogue PMR/LMR, Marine VHF, Amateur AX.25-LDAudio Processing, CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, Selcall, XTCSS, Programmable Tones, ADCs,DACs, RAMDAC, GPIO, System Clocks3.0 - 3.6748-VQFN
CMX138AAudio Scrambler and signalling ProcessorPMR446, FRS, MURS, GMRS, Leisure Radio-LDAudio Processing, CTCSS, DCS, Programmable Tones, ADC, DAC, RAMDAC, GPIO, System Clocks3.0 - 3.6928-TSSOP
CMX148PMR Audio and Data ProcessorPMR446, FRS, MURS, GMRS, Leisure Radio-LDAudio Processing, FFSK/MSK, DTMF
ADC, DAC, RAMDAC, GPIO, System Clocks
3.0 - 3.61028-TSSOP
CMX881Baseband Processor for PMR and Trunked RadioPMR Trunked Radio-LDAudio Processing, FFSK/MSK, DTMF, CTCSS, DCS, Selcall, Programmable Tones
2.7 - 5.5528-TSSOP
CMX882Baseband Processor for PMR and GPS Data SignallingPMR446, FRS, MURS, GMRS, Leisure Radio-LDAudio Processing, DTMF, CTCSS, DCS, Selcall, Programmable Tones
2.7 - 3.6528-TSSOP
CMX883Baseband ProcessorPMR446, FRS, MURS, GMRS, Leisure Radio-LDAudio Processing, CTCSS, DCS, XTCSS, ADC2.7 - 3.6528-TSSOP
CMX838Family Radio ProcessorFRS, GMRS, PMR446-LDAudio Processing, CTCSS2.7 - 5.51328-TSSOP
CMX823Programmable Paging Tone DecoderTone Paging-LDSelcall Tone Paging2.7 - 5.5116-SSOP
CMX264Voice ScramblerAnalogue PMR/LMR--Frequency Domain Split-band Scrambler IC3.0 - 3.7324-SSOP
CMX7158Duplex Audio ScramblerPMR and LMR--DTMF, Selcall3.0 - 3.66.348-VQFN
CML’s Sicomm Technologies Products
ProductProduct DescriptionSystems SupportedEmbedded FunctionsRF Interface Supply Voltage
Typ. Power Consumption
Package Type
SCT3258TDMDMR/dPMR Processor with
embedded Vocoder
Analog PMR
Full baseband processing
Layers 1/2/3
AMBE+2 Vocoder
RALCWI Vocoder
Direct Conversion Receiver (CMX994A) Core 1.3V
IO 2.5-3.6V
64mW DMR
38mW dPMR
QFN 64-pin
SCT3268TDDMR/dPMR Processor with Analog ModeDMR Radio
dPMR Radio
Multi-mode Digital PMR/LMR with Analog Mode
Conventional FM Receiver
Direct Conversion Receiver
Core 1.2V
Digital IO 2.5V – 3.3V
64mW DMR
38mW dPMR
BGA 144
SCT24002.4GHz Digital Voice and Data TransceiverProprietary Vocoder
Wireless data modem
Protocol engine
System controller
2.5GHz TransceiverCore 3.3V10mA standby/scanning
52mA receive voice
64mA transmit voice
BGA 144

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