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Our blog posts are written by CML’s expert team of application engineers and provide you with the latest trends, new technology, myth-busters and information on topics of importance in the electronics industry.
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RFMW’s Annual NA and European Sales Conference

4 October 2019

Last month CML participated in RFMW’s Annual NA and European Sales Conference. This was a great opportunity to spend a lot of time with the inside and outside sales teams as well as RFMW’s executive management.

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Direct Conversion: After nearly 200 years of radio, we’re still finding ways to improve it

23 September 2019

While the Internet of Things is a worldwide wonder that promises to connect everything, it’s probably worth remembering that the study of electromagnetism started nearly 200 years ago and was, in a very real way, the birth of radio.

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Looking back on IMS 2019

20 June 2019

CML has been exhibiting at IMS2019 in Boston, showcasing the latest developments in our high frequency and RF devices. The exhibition was well attended and in a great location.

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Come and meet CML at IMS 2019!

22 May 2019

From the 4-6 June, CML will be participating at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) exhibition in Boston, MA. You can find us at booth 128, where we will be displaying a selection of our RF products.

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Unlicensed voice solution lasts longer, goes further

22 May 2019

Just connect a battery and speaker, push the button and talk; it’s as easy as that to try out CML’s new SCT2400 2.4GHz Voice and Data transceiver. CML is offering a comprehensive evaluation board that demonstrates the product in a typical application, as a small form factor 16 channel radio solution.

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Quick Start Enclosure for VDES Evaluation or Base Station Installation

18 April 2019

We are now in a position to provide a very quick start evaluation enclosure for VDES testing and even base station installation for field trials.

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Looking back on Embedded World 2019

22 March 2019

CML Microcircuits is happy to announce another successful year at the Embedded World exhibition in Nuremburg, Germany. The show celebrated its 17th year, welcoming 31,000 trade visitors and 1,117 companies from countries all over the world. Live demonstrations of the recently-launched CMX655D Ultra-low Power Voice

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CMLs VDES1000 Module

Field Testing Made Easy with the VDES1000

4 March 2019

CML Microcircuits and Stone Three Communications have demonstrated a VDES Evaluation Platform that has been used in a number of VDES field trials that have taken place. The VDES1000 module is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) specifically designed to cover the whole maritime radio spectrum; 156.025 MHz to 162.025MHz.

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World’s First VDES Base Station Installed

4 March 2019

The institute of Maritime Technology (IMT) in South Africa has installed the world’s first commercial VDES base station. This will provide services to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) broader maritime community and industry interested in using VDES new data applications.

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Canadian Coast Guard VDES Trials

11 February 2019

The Canadian Coast Gard has forecast that VDES is to become a key medium for ship-shore communication. It was therefore very important for Canada to do its own verification of VDES performance in a real-world situation, gauge performance and investigate any potential adverse effects on AIS.

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