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Full-custom IC Products from CML

A fast, competitive full-custom ASIC design service, with a completely new design or a design based on CML's extensive design-library resource.

A service supporting all stages of ASIC development from concept, design and layout to prototype testing and the supply of production-tested devices.

Through CML, customers gain access to leading-edge technologies and a design team with extensive expertise specialising in Analogue, Digital, Mixed-Signal, Memory and RF integrated circuit design.

Technologies available include mature and state-of-the-art processes and geometries, among which are: CMOS, BiPolar, BiCMOS and SiGe.

Routes to Market
Two basic custom product development paths are available: full-custom ASIC, and CML's proprietary technology, FirmASIC®. These routes offer you the ability to choose the appropriate path based upon a combination of the technical and commercial requirements of the project.

Full-custom ASIC
CML offers a competitive full-custom ASIC design service, for a completely new design or a design based on its vast design-library resource. Design expertise and experience within CML ranges from analogue, digital and mixed-signal baseband circuitry right up to complete RF receive, transmit and transceiver designs.

This CML proprietary technology enables the lowest overall cost, fastest time-to-market, lowest risk and provides unsurpassed flexibility. FirmASIC® technology opens up completely new opportunities for deployment in the ASIC, structured ASIC, FPGA and DSP replacement markets, and is not confined to just high quantity applications.
FirmASIC® provides the optimum combination of analogue, digital, firmware and memory technologies in a single silicon platform. A family of approved, stable hardware platforms is available, each providing a different mix of fixed and re-definable functions.

The FirmASIC® approach focuses on delivering the right feature mix, performance and cost for the target application. Products can be offered in very small outline surface-mount packages and operating over the temperature range -40°C to +85°C. The FirmASIC® path can be further sub-divided to provide semi-custom and full custom product offerings, providing a completely new approach to system designers. 

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