Product description

The CMX7131 and CMX7141 are half-duplex processor IC platforms built on FirmASIC® technology that are suitable for use in multi-standard digital PMR (DPMR) and dual-mode (analogue/digital) systems.

FirmASIC® component technology allows on-chip sub-systems to be reconfigured by a Function Image™ (FI): this is a data file that is uploaded during device initialisation that defines the device’s function and feature set.

Dual mode and multi-mode digital PMR radios can now be developed based on a single radio platform conforming to a number of  digital PMR systems/standards all with full analogue PMR backward compatibility.

The Ultimate FDMA Digital Radio Chipset

A number of the Function Images now support direct connection to CML’s CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver.  The combination of the CMX7131/7141 and CMX994 enables the highest integration, multi-standard FDMA digital/analogue PMR radio, to be realised.  The CMX7131/7141 and CMX994 together address the market requirements for: Low power operation, small size, low cost, flexibility and high performance.

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Block diagram



  • Multi-standard Digital PMR Processor Including Analogue PMR Operations
  • Automatic Frame Sync Insertion and Detection (AFSD)
  • Two Auxiliary ADCs
  • Four Auxiliary DACs
  • Three Analogue Inputs with Programmable Gain
  • Auxiliary C-BUS Interface to CMX608 or CMX618
  • Tx Outputs for Two-Point or I/Q Modulation
  • Soft Decision Decoding Option
  • Two RF Synthesisers (CMX7131 Only)
  • Vocoder Connectivity, Management, Control and Data Transport
  • RALCWI/TWELP and Third-party Vocoders


  • Digital PMR Systems
  • dPMR
  • dPMR446
  • dPMR Mode 1/2/3
  • ARIB STD-T102
  • NXDN
  • Analogue PMR
  • Dual/Multi-mode Radios

Supply requirement

  • 3.0 to 3.6 V

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Design resources

    CMX7131/7141 FAQ

     Function Image Loading Options
    Q. I am about to start a design using one of your FirmASIC® based products, what is the most suitable method of storing the associated Function Image™ in my project?

    A. Our FirmASIC® based devices require a Function Image™ to configure their on-chip sub-systems.
    This is a data file that is uploaded during device initialisation and defines the device’s function and feature set.

    The Function Image™ can be loaded automatically from external serial EEPROM via a dedicated SPI bus or from a host µController over the built-in C-BUS serial interface.It is also possible with two specified memory devices to update the serial memory stored Function Image™ via the C-BUS and SPI interface.

    CML supplies a dedicated Thick Stub Function Image™ to enable this capability. The linked flow diagram is an aide-memoir in that it makes it plain what is possible when choosing the most suitable method of storing a Function Image™ for your project.

    CMX7131/CMX7141 with the AMBE-3000

    Interfacing and implementing the AMBE-3000 Vocoder with the CMX7131/7141 devices for use in digital radio systems.

    CMX7131/41 - Interfacing CMX7131/CMX7141 with AMBE-3000™

    Two scripts (transmit and receive) to enable interfacing and implementing the DVSI AMBE-3000™ with the CMX7131/CMX7141.

    CMX7031/41 - CMXsynth1 450M

    Synthesiser set-up example. Target board is the PE0201.

    PE0402 for 6.144MHz Operation

    Changes the PE0402 programming block to allow operation at 6.144MHz Note that some Function Images cannot operate at 6.144MHz

    CMX7131/CMX7141 Evaluation and Demonstration Kits

    PE0402PE0402The PE0402 Platform Evaluation Kit is designed to assist in the evaluation and application development of the CMX704x/CMX714x range of FirmASIC products.PE0402_Product_Preview

    PE0402 User Manual



    PE0201PE0201The PE0201 Platform Evaluation Kit is designed to assist in the evaluation and application development of the CMX703x/CMX713x range of FirmASIC products.PE0201_Product_Preview

    PE0201 User Manual



    DE6181DE6181The DE6181 is designed to assist in the evaluation of this family of products, when loaded with a Function Image™ (FI) and the CMX618 IC.DE6181_Product_Preview

    DE6181 User Manual

    DE6181 Support Package



    DE9944DE9944The DE9944 is a compact demonstration/evaluation platform for FDMA Analogue / Digital Radio designs based on the CMX7141 FDMA PMR Processor and incorporating the CMX618 RALCWI Vocoder, the CMX7262 TWELP Professional Radio Vocoder, and the CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver.DE9944_Product_Preview

    DE994 User Manual



    CMX7131/41 Support Document


    CMX7131/41 White Paper

    CMX7131/41 White Paper

    C-BUS Guides

    Guides to operation and interfacing

    Variable Split-Band Scrambling

    How it works

    PE0402 Board Schematics