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Evaluation Kit for CMX724x/734x

PE0403 - Evaluation Kit

Product Data
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  • PE0403 - 724x for CMX724x family FirmASIC® product range evaluation; fitted with CMX7240 to emulate CMX724x device performance
  • PE0403 - 734x for CMX734x family FrimASIC® product range evaluation; fitted with CMX7340 to emulate CMX737x device performance
  • Instrumentation interface (requires an additional -5 volt supply):
    • 50Ω output signal drivers
    • Instrumentation interface to CMX7240 single-ended input signals (PE0403 - 724x only)
    • Instrumentation interface to CMX7340 differential input signals (PE0403 - 734x only)
  • On-board supply regulators operate from a single 5 volt supply
  • 19.2MHz oscillator or external clock input to the on-board reference device
  • Command and control by PC via the PE0003 Interface Card or via the user's microcontroller emulator or development application
  • On-board access to all CMX7240/7340 signals, commands and data
  • C-BUS Master for CMX7240/7340 control of other CML evaluation kits

The PE0403 Platform Evaluation Kit is designed to assist in the evaluation and application development of the CMX724x and CMX734x ranges of FirmASIC® products.

The kit is in the form of a populated PCB comprising a generic CMX7240 or CMX7340 IC and the appropriate supporting components and circuitry. The PE0403 - 724x is fitted with a CMX7240 and the PE0403 - 734x is fitted with a CMX7340.

The board also incorporates all of the necessary power-supply regulation facilities for operation from a single 5 volt supply, or a dual +/-5 volt supply if the instrumentation interface is required.

The board is fitted with a C-BUS connector allowing the PE0403 to be operated by connection to either of the two C-BUS ports on a CML PE0003 Interface Card, and used with the associated PC GUI software, or by direct connection between the CMX7240/CMX7340 C-BUS and the user's μC development application or emulation system.

The common CMX724x/CMX734x Function ImageTM (FI) can be loaded, on power-up, directly into the on-board target IC (CMX7240/CMX7340) using the PE0003 interface or the user's system.

Function images suitable for the CMX724x/CMX734x range of products can be downloaded from the CML Technical Portal.


Design Support Information

PE0403 724x Board Schematics PE0403 724x Board Schematics
PE0403-734x Board Schematics PE0403-734x Board Schematics
PE0403-7241 PE0403-7341 Quick Start A simple guide to help users get started evaluating with the PE0403-7241 and PE0403-7341
PE0403-7341 Quick Start A simple guide to help users get started evaluating the CMX7341 using a Direct Conversion Receiver, the CMX994E, as an analogue PMR receiver. Kits required: PE0403-7341, EV9942E and PE0003.
C-BUS Guides Guides to operation and interfacing
Two Point Modulation A guide to operation
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