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Evaluation Kit for CMX704x and CMX714x



  • On-board Access to all Target IC Signals, Commands and Data
  • Serial Flash Option for Function Image with In-circuit Programming
  • On-board Supply Regulators Operate from a Single 5-Volt Supply
  • Command and Control by PC via the PE0003 Interface Card or User's µC Development Application or Emulator
  • 19.2MHz Oscillator, 6.144MHz Xtal or External Clock Input to Target IC


  • Evaluation of CMX704x and CMX714x IC Products

Supply Requirement:

  • 5V

The PE0402 Platform Evaluation Kit is designed to assist in the evaluation and application development of the CMX704x/CMX714x range of FirmASIC products.

The board also incorporates all of the necessary power-supply regulation facilities for operation from a single 5 volt supply. The board is fitted with a C-BUS connector allowing the PE0402 to be operated by connection to either of the two C-BUS ports on a CML PE0003 Interface Card, and used with the associated PC GUI software, or by direct connection between the CMX7040 C-BUS and the user's IC development application or emulation system.

The CMX704x Function Image (FI) can be loaded, on power-up, directly into the on-board target IC using the PE0003 interface or the user's system.

Alternatively, it can be automatically loaded from the on-board serial memory, on power-up. In this case, the on-board serial memory has to be preloaded with the FI by using a suitable third party programmer or by using the 'Program Serial Memory' tab on the PE0003 GUI software. This software is available from the CML website. Function images suitable for evaluation of the CMX704x and CMX714x ranges of products can be downloaded from the relevant product area on the CML Technical Portal.

The PE0402 is a back-compatible replacement for the PE0401, with the
following enhancements:

  • Pad-ring gives easy access to all CMX704x/CMX714x pins
  • Group functions on individual headers
  • Selectable clock sources:
    • On-board 19.2MHz oscillator module
    • 6.144MHz Xtal
    • External clock (SMA) injection point
  • Multiple 'probe attach' points
  • AC by-pass facility on signal inputs
  • Optional power source from PE0003

PCB Image

The PE0402 EvKit: designed to assist in the evaluation and application development of the CMX704x/CMX714x range of ICs

Design Support Information

CMX7031/41 - CMXsynth1 450M Synthesiser set-up example. Target board is the PE0201.
PE0402 for 6.144MHz Operation Changes the PE0402 programming block to allow operation at 6.144MHz Note that some Function Images cannot operate at 6.144MHz
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