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Evaluation Kit for CMX7x1x



  • On-board access to all target IC signals, commands and data
  • Evaluate both RF and baseband capabilities
  • On-board supply regulators from a single 5 Volt supply
  • Command and control by PC via the PE0003 EvKit Interface Card
  • Socketed EEPROM option for Function Image

Supply Requirement:

  • 4.5 to 5.0 V Power Supply

The PE0101 Platform Evaluation Kit is designed to assist in the evaluation and application development of the CMX7x1x range of FirmASIC products.

The kit is in the form of a populated PCB comprising a CMX7x1x IC and appropriate supporting components and circuitry.

The board also incorporates all the necessary power-supply regulation facilities for operation from a single 5 volt supply.

The board is fitted with a C-BUS connector allowing the PE0101 to be operated by connection to either of the two C-BUS ports on a CML PE0003 Interface Card, and used with the associated PC GUI software, or by direct connection between the CMX7x1x C-BUS and the user's ìC development application or emulation system.

The CMX7x1x Function Image (FI) can be loaded directly into the on-board target IC using the PE0003 interface or the user's system.

PCB Image

PE0101 Evaluation Kit PCB

Design Support Information

Digital Voice Encryption Demonstrator 1 Using 1 off PE0003 interface card and 1 off PE0101-7010 demonstration board and scripts
Digital Voice Encryption Demonstrator 2 Using 1 off PE0003 interface card and 2 off PE0101-7010 (CMX7011 demonstrator boards), one for Tx and one for Rx.
Digital Voice Data External Routing Demonstrator 3 Demonstration of external routing of digital voice data to and from an external host (Microcontroller).
Voice Store and Retrieval Demonstrator 4 Demonstration of voice storage and retrieval. Voice messages can be stored in the device’s memory and then played back.
Transmit and Receive Packet Data Demonstrator 5 Demonstration of the use of packet data provided by the device. Messages of different lengths can be sent and received.
Function Image load A demonstration script to download a Function Image the CMX7011 via C-BUS. The Function Image must be downloaded from the CML Portal and be formatted . Contact CML Technical Support if a pre-formatted Function Image is not available.
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