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Evaluation Kit Interface Card



  • Global Interface for New-generation IC Evaluation Kits
  • Target IC C-BUS Read and Write Operations
  • 32-bit RISC/DSP µP-based Operation
  • Mating Interface for a Wide Range of Target EvKit Boards
  • Function Image Handling for FirmASIC-based Projects
  • High-speed Real-time Script Execution
  • PC Control/Communications via USB Port
  • Software Configurable GPIO Lines and Indicating LED Bank


  • A global interface card for use with evaluation kits for CML's new generation of ICs, including FirmASIC-based products.

Supply Requirement:

  • 4.8 to 5.5 V power supply

This board is no longer available, it has been superseded by the PE0003.

 The PE0002 EvKit interface card is a global interface system for use with evaluation kits for CML's new generation ICs, including FirmASIC-based products.
This greatly simplifies the approach to the evaluation and design-in process.

Based around the operation of Hyperstone's E2 32-bit RISC/DSP Microprocessor and using a PC GUI, the information generated is formatted, timed and delivered to the target IC via its Evkit's C-BUS serial interface. The supplied control software can be used to perform C-BUS read and write operations or to run scripting functions.

In the case of FirmASIC IC evaluations, the Function Image can be loaded onto the CMX{target} device or programmed into serial memory on the {target} card.

Communications with the evaluating PC GUI are via a USB port.

The PE0002 requires unsigned drivers to be loaded in Windows operating systems. Please refer to the PE0002 FAQs for further information.

PCB Image

PE0002 EvKit Interface Card: a global interface for use with evaluation kits for CML's new generation ICs

Design Support Information


PE0002 FAQ

Q. Windows 8.x will not allow me to install the PE0002 drivers. How do I fix this?

A. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 will not permit unsigned driver installation by default. To install unsigned drivers requires restarting Windows in Advanced mode and selecting ‘disable driver signature enforcement’. There are many examples of how to do this on the web. The search string “unsigned drivers in windows 8.1” yields many useful results in most search engines.

Pre-Windows 8 operating systems may warn that the driver is unsigned but allow the user to install anyway.

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