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Evaluation Kits for the CMX994/CMX994A/CMX994E



  • CMX994 Evaluation
  • Receiver: LNA, I/Q Output, Selectable Filters
  • Transmit LO Output
  • CMX994 Integer-N PLL
  • Interface for external Fractional-N PLL
  • 19.2MHz VCTCXO
  • Flexible External VCO
  • On-board Voltage Regulators
  • PC Control Interface Available
  • 448MHz Default Operation
  • 100MHz to 940MHz Evaluation


  • For the Evaluation, Demonstration and Design-In of the CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver IC

Supply Requirement:

  • 7.2V (typ) power supply

Three separate Evaluation Kits that allow the user to investigate all aspects of the CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver IC family:

  • EV9942 targets the CMX994 - Standard and low power modes
  • EV9942A targets the CMX994A - Standard and additional low power modes
  • EV9942E targets the CMX994E - Enhanced, standard and low power modes

Each evaluation kit includes additional circuits to aid system performance evaluation; an internal VCO tank circuit, a Fractional-N PLL and a high-frequency VCO.

Access is provided to all CMX994 RF, baseband and control signals by connector or test points. Common test equipment connectors allow RF and baseband signal generators and spectrum analysers to be easily connected. Common interfaces allow rapid connection for evaluation of CML baseband processor IC Evaluation Kits, such as the PE0601 family and the PE0403 family using the PE0003 Universal Interface Card.

All signal paths are pre-matched by suitable components with pads for alternative, suggested matches. The RF frequency range of the Evaluation Kit is from 100MHz to 940MHz (1GHz for the A and E versions), with default operation centred at 448MHz.

PCB Image


Design Support Information

Getting Started with the EV9942E
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