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Evaluation Kit for the CMX993/CMX993W



  • Allows Full Evaluation and Investigation of the CMX993/CMX993W Quadrature Modulator IC
  • Operational Frequency Range: 30MHz to 1GHz
  • Access to RF, Control and Baseband Signals via On-board Connectors and Test Points
  • Differential or Single-ended I and Q Inputs
  • Can Utilise PE0003 EvKit Interface Card for PC Interface, or can work with Custom Interface Equipment


  • For the Evaluation, Demonstration and Design-In of the CMX993/CMX993W Quadrature Modulator IC

Supply Requirement:

  • 7.2V (typ) power supply

The EV9930 and EV9930W EvKits allow for rapid and full evaluation of the CMX993/CMX993W Quadrature Modulator IC by providing a populated pcb with access to all RF, baseband and control signals by either connectors or test points.

Test access points are available to accept common test equipments such as RF and baseband signal generators and spectrum analysers. Control of the CMX993/CMX993W is by on-chip registers, which are accessible over the C-BUS interface (an SPI-like serial interface).

A PE0003 Evaluation Kit (not supplied) allows the C-BUS interface to be controlled from a PC, via its USB port.
Alternatively, the C-BUS interface can be controlled by an external microprocessor.

RF signal paths are matched by suitable components and the operating frequency range of the EvKit is for RF frequencies between 200MHz and 1GHz. A simple component change allows a lower operating frequency range of 30 to 200 MHz.

The EV9930/EV9930W baseband inputs can be configured to work with the CMX910 AIS Baseband Processor IC or the CMX981 Advanced Digital Radio Baseband Processor IC; standard test equipment or with a custom baseband system.

PCB Image

EV9930 and EV9930W EvKits: allow for rapid and full evaluation of the CMX993 or the CMX993W Quadrature Modulator IC

Design Support Information

EV9930 Board Schematics High resolution schematic for the EV9930 and EV9930W kits. Version B01
EV9930 Evaluation Software EV9930 Evaluation Software. Requires a PE0003 Universal Interface Card. Version 4.1
EV9930 Quick Start A simple guide to help users get started evaluating the CMX993 using the EV9930. Version 1
PE0003 Driver PE0003 USB driver for Windows. Version 1.0
C-BUS Guides Guides to operation and interfacing
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