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Evaluation Kit for CMX910



  • Target CMX910 IC Installed
  • Auxiliary ADC and DAC Interface
  • Digital/Analogue PCB with Low Noise Floor
  • Differential and Single-Ended Baseband Interface
  • FX604 FSK Modem IC Fitted for Extra Rx Channel
  • C-BUS Interface
  • 19.2MHz Device Clock
  • On-Board Power Regulation and Distribution


  • For Evaluation and Investigation of CMX910 AIS Baseband Processor

The EV9100 evkit is available for the evaluation, experimentation and design-in of the CMX910 AIS Baseband Processor IC.

Comprising a digital/analogue pcb with an on-board CMX910 device, the evkit provides access to the CMX910's baseband signal, control and data interfaces as well as its auxilliary ADC and DAC functions.
The evkit also provides an FX604 FSK modem and associated circuitry to allow evaluation of the CMX910's external FSK interface.

Jumpers, links and test points allow the user to dynamically monitor and/or isolate all aspects of the IC's signal and voltage levels.

This evkit has a simple power requirement with on-board voltage regulation and distribution.

Further information on the EV9100, evaluation resources, including the user manuals, application notes and FAQs can by obtained from the EV9100 zipfile.

[Download Support Files] In addition to the EV9100 user manual, this zipfile offers design files for a printed circuit board for CMX910 IC evaluation.

To further enhance the CMX910, its Special Command Interface (see section 5.12 of the latest CMX910 data sheet) can be used to reconfigure the CMX910's functionality to fully implement and improve its CS-TDMA reception capability.

For further information, please see the CMX910 Initialisation Procedure information available from the AIS area of the Technical Portal.

PCB Image

EV9100: for the evaluation, experimentation and design-in of the CMX910 AIS Baseband Processor IC

Design Support Information

EV9100 Board Schematics EV9100 Board Schematics
C-BUS Guides Guides to operation and interfacing
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