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Evaluation Kit for CMX865/A, CMX867A and CMX868A



  • Socketed 'target' IC for ease of use
  • Connectors for convenient connection to DAA, host micro cards and test measurement equipments
  • Operation with users host controller card or with a CML PE0003 interface card
  • Test points for access to most signals/levels
  • On-board 11.0592MHz circuit
  • On-board 3.3 volt regulator
  • Powered by a single +5 volt unregulated supply


  • For Evaluation and Investigation of CMX865, CMX867A and CMX868A ICs

Supply Requirement:

  • 4.5 to 9.0 V power supply

The EV8600 forms a basic evaluation platform for the CMX865A DTMF/FSK Combo, CMX867A V.22 and CMX868A V.22 bis wireline modems.

The board is populated with a dual-in-line socket to host the desired target IC and other components that are common to the two modems.

Two on-board connectors are provided for signal interfacing. The modem connector provides the analogue signal inputs and outputs plus other relevant signals to allow the addition of custom DAAs or to facilitate the connection of telecom test-measurement equipment.

The C-BUS connector breaks out the full C-BUS serial interface for convenient connection of a host processor card or the CML PE0003 Evaluation Kit Interface Card.

The EV8600 schematic diagram is available in the support package (see resources above). To allow the EV8600 to facilitate CMX865A evaluation, a header board (HB865A) is available.

PCB Image

EV8600: a basic evaluation platform for CMX865/A, CMX867A and CMX868A wireline modems

Design Support Information

CMX865A - VoiceRecordandPlayback Voice record and playback files using the CMX865A. Please refer to the Applications section of the datasheet.
CMX865A - Line State Detect Uses the ADC in test mode to read the DC voltage across the line (snoop resistors required) to determine: "Line connected"/"not-connected" or "Line-in-use". Also contains a sub to reset the core to allow the method to be used with general modem function.
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