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Evaluation Kit for CMX608 and CMX618



  • Evaluation Platforms for CMX608, CMX618 and CMX638 RALCWI™ Vocoder ICs
  • Stereo Jack Socket Microphone Connections to/from Integral Audio Codec
  • Single-ended or Differential Audio Codec I/O
  • Provided with Host PC Software to Demonstrate Device Performance
  • Header Connections to the C-BUS Interface: for EvKit Interface Card or Third Party Microcontroller (Not Supplied)
  • Header Connections to the SPI Interface: for Use With External Third Party Codecs
  • PE0003 Scripts Available


  • Evaluation, Demonstration and Experimentation of the:
    CMX608, CMX618 and CMX638 RALCWI™ Vocoder ICs

Optional Supporting Products:

  • PE0003 EvKit Interface Card
    (Not supplied with this kit, can be ordered separately)

Supply Requirement:

  • Single +5V dc Supply

The EV6180 Evaluation Kit provides the means to demonstrate and evaluate the operation of CMX6x8 full and half duplex RALCWI™ Vocoder ICs. The board is operated from a single, external power supply.

On-board voltage regulators provide the required analogue and digital supply voltages.

To use this software, a host PC and the PE0003 EvKit Interface Card are required. Additionally, an external audio codec is required to demonstrate the CMX608 option.

Connectors are provided to allow direct interfacing to the C-BUS and SPI interfaces on the CMX6x8 devices. The on-chip audio codec (CMX618 and CMX638) is accessible through two 3.5mm stereo jack sockets.
The audio codec signal paths can be configured as single-ended or differential.

PCB Image

EV6180 and EV6380 Evaluation Kits provide the means to demonstrate and evaluate the operation of CMX6x8 Full and Half duplex RALCWI Vocoder ICs

Design Support Information


Q: My EV6180 Evaluation Kit will not operate when JP2 is fitted. Why is this?

A: JP2 connects the hard-reset circuit on the EV6180 to pin 16 of the C-BUS connector J3. On the PE0003, this pin is set to input by default and a weak pull-up applied. It is possible that the reset signal will be applied until C-BUS pin 16 is actively driven low by a PE0003 script. Removing JP2 disconnects the hard-reset circuit from C-BUS pin 16. The power-on reset and the C-BUS General Reset command will function as normal with JP2 removed.

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