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SDR Demonstrator for FDMA Digital Radio



  • Direct Conversion Digital Radio Demonstrator
  • Digital PMR (e.g. dPMR) and Analogue FM
  • Provides demonstration platform for:
    - Direct Conversion Receiver CMX994
    - FDMA Radio Processor CMX7141
    - TWELP Professional Radio Vocoder CMX7262
    - RALCWI Vocoder with Integrated Voice Codec CMX618
  • On-board ARM Host Processor (Cortex M3 with internal flash and RAM)
  • 16-button (4 x 4) keypad
  • 2 x 16-Character LCD Display
  • Can function in the following modes:
    - Completely stand-alone
    - Controlled by scripts running via PC
    - User-defined host controller interface
  • On-board Frac-N PLL and VCO for 444MHz to 450MHz operation
  • 1W Power Amplifier
  • On-board Microphone
  • On-board Speaker
  • Jack sockets for audio in/audio out
  • Powered by external 4.5V power supply or 3 x AA batteries
  • Designed to meet
    - EN 301 166 (6.25kHz digital)
    - EN 300 086 (12.5kHz analogue FM)
    - Relevant clauses of TIA-603-D

The DE9944 is a compact demonstration/evaluation platform for FDMA Analogue / Digital Radio designs based on the CMX7141 FDMA PMR Processor and incorporating the CMX618 RALCWI Vocoder, the CMX7262 TWELP Professional Radio Vocoder, and the CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver.

The board can be used to demonstrate a complete RF transceiver and baseband function supporting a direct conversion receiver and VCO 2-point modulation transmitter.

The DE9944 features a built in keyboard, display, microphone and speaker and so can be used to demonstrate peer-to-peer operation in a stand-alone configuration.

The board has an ARM processor which handles initial board power up and loading of the Function ImagesTM for the CMX7141 and CMX7262. Once the system is powered up, the processor implements a basic radio. The DE9944 provides a Fractional-N PLL and VCO plus associated circuits to provide local oscillator signals for the CMX994.

The design also includes a 1W power amplifier, harmonic filter and Tx/Rx switch. The RF performance is designed to be compliant with EN 301 166 for dPMR application and TIA‑603‑D / EN 300 086 for analogue applications. All the circuits are provided with power-down capability to allow powersave / standby operation.


Design Support Information

DE9944 Evaluation Four scripts to allow the DE9944 to be evaluated using the GUI mode. Please read the readme.txt file in the download package for further information.
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