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Demonstration Kit for CMX7032 AIS Development



  • Class B AIS Transceiver Technology Demonstrator
  • Designed to Meet IEC62287
  • 2 Watt Tx Operation
  • Dual Channel Rx-only Operation
  • Dual, Independent GMSK Receivers
  • C-BUS Interface to Host µC
  • 19.2MHz Reference for 9600bps Data Rate
  • On-board EEPROM
  • RS232 NMEA 0183 Interface for Host-less Operation
  • Flexibility Built on FirmASIC® Technology


  • CML AIS Technology Demonstration

Supply Requirement:

  • 7.2V (5.5V to 7.6V)

 The DE70321 is a complete AIS Class B (IEC 62287) technology demonstrator aimed at speeding manufacturers' design and development of AIS Class B transponders and AIS receiver products using the CMX7032 AIS Class B Baseband Processor with RF Synthesiser IC.

Please note that the default operation of this EvKit is Rx Only.

With the information supplied in the support zip file, the EvKit can be user-configured to Tx/Rx (transceiver) operation. However, for simplification, a special order Tx/Rx version, the 'T' version, is available from CML.

The design is a flexible platform to allow users to configure and evaluate with two build options:

  • Class B Transceiver (using CMX7032 FI-1.x)
  • Dual Channel Rx-only (using CMX7032 FI-2.x)

The default board configuration is for dual channel receive on 161.975MHz (AIS channel 1) and 162.025MHz (AIS channel 2) with 25kHz channel spacing and 9600bps over-air data rate. An EEPROM is included which can automatically load the Function Image™ FI-2.x into the CMX7032 at power-up.
Received data is automatically provided as NMEA 0183-HS sentences at 38,400bps from the DB9 RS232 port.

Function Image™ FI-1.x allows full host control over all CMX7032 functions whereas Function Image™ FI-2.x automatically programs the CMX7032 RF synthesisers to the correct frequencies.
All necessary RF circuits, such as VCOs, a 2 watt PA, harmonic filter, antenna switching and LNA, are provided on the DE70321 to facilitate easy evaluation and demonstration of the design as a Class B unit.

A C-BUS interface is provided for control of the CMX7032 by a host microcontroller (required to perform the higher level protocol functions on a Class B implementation). The design is production engineered for low cost, with minimum number of component types and values and uses only low-cost off-the-shelf components.

Further Design Support
A library of files is available, on the CML Technical Portal - (AIS Baseband Processors):Schematics and Bill of Materials (for Gerber files contact CML's Technical Support), that will further assist in your development progress. Please note that you need to be authorised to enter the Technical Portal.
Please contact your CML Distributor for further information.

The DE70321 is a complete AIS Class B (IEC 62287) technology demonstrator

Design Support Information

DE70321 and AIS DE70321 AIS Demo Board Evaluation
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