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RF Direct Conversion Receiver ICs



  • Direct Conversion Receiver Family with PowerTrade™ Flexible Power vs. Performance Modes
    - CMX994 - Standard and Low Power Modes 
    - CMX994A - Standard and Additional Low Power Modes
    - CMX994E - Enhanced, Standard and Low Power Modes

  • Rx Single Conversion to Zero IF, Near-zero IF or Low IF; Zero IF Eliminates Image Responses

  • Very High Mixer IIP2 for Practical Zero IF Receiver

  • 100MHz to 1000MHz I/Q Demodulator (CMX994A/E)
    100MHz to 940MHz I/Q Demodulator (CMX994)
    Extended Operation down to 50MHz

  • LNA with Gain Control

  • Precise Filtering with 1:2:4 Bandwidth Select Control

  • Mixer Bandwidth up to 20MHz

  • Local Oscillator
    - LO synthesiser
    - VCO Negative Resistance Amplifier
    - Rx LO Divide by 2, 4 or 6 Modes
    - Tx LO Output with Divide by 1, 2, 4 or 6 Modes

  • Small Size 40-pin VQFN Package


  • Analogue/digital Multi-mode Radio

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)

  • Data Telemetry Modems

  • Satellite Communications

  • Constant Envelope and Linear Modulation

  • Rx Function Compatible with CMX998
    Cartesian Feedback Loop Transmitter

  • Narrowband e.g.: 25kHz, 12.5kHz and 6.25kHz

  • Wideband Data e.g. >1MHz Bandwidth

Supply Requirement:

  • 3.0 to 3.6 V

The CMX994/CMX994A/CMX994E is a family of direct conversion receiver ICs with PowerTrade™, the ability to dynamically select power vs. performance modes to optimise operating trade-offs.

CMX994 - Standard and low power modes
CMX994A - Standard and additional low power modes
CMX994E - Enhanced, standard and low power modes

The CMX994/A/E offer exceptional blocking performance, typical values are in the range 98dB to 102dB depending on the measurement method.

All three devices include a broadband LNA with gain control followed by a high dynamic range, very high IIP2, I/Q demodulator. The receiver baseband section includes amplifiers and precise, configurable bandwidth, baseband filter stages. LO generation is provided by an integer-N PLL and a VCO negative resistance amplifier; an external LO may also be used. LO dividers are provided for flexible multi-band operation. The devices operate from a single 3.3V supply over a temperature range of –40°C to +85°C and are available in a small 40-pin VQFN (Q4) package.

The CMX994A enables a significant reduction in power by allowing LO phase correction to be turned off. A further reduction is made possible by the facility to disable either the I or Q channel. The CMX994E expands on that by adding an enhanced performance mode that features improved intermodulation in the receive path mixers.

Operate from a single 3.3V supply over a temperature range of –40°C to +85°C and are available in a small 40-pin VQFN (Q4) package.

Block Image


Design Support Information



Q, Are the CMX994A and CMX994E devices pin compatible with the CMX994 in my digital radio?

A, Yes all three devices are pin and function compatible.  However if the CMX994A or CMX994E are used in an existing CMX994 design, it is recommended that the new extended DC Offset register is utilised.

There are additional benefits in adopting the CMX994A and CMX994E including additional low power operating modes and enhanced mixer IM capability, these are illustrated below.  

994QA Image

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