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PMR/LMR Common Platform



The CMX7241/CMX7341 provides a common platform that can deliver digital FDMA, 2-slot TDMA and legacy analogue PMR/LMR with direct connection to an I/Q based RF receiver.

The chip-set comprising CMX7341 PMR/LMR Common Platform Processor + CMX994A Direct Conversion Receiver (DCRx) enables a high integration and cost-effective radio platform to be realised. 

Currently DMR, dPMR™ and legacy Analogue PMR/LMR are supported.

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CMX7241 and CMX7341 PMR/LMR Common Platform Processors

Based on CML's proprietary FirmASIC® component technology. A Function Image™ (FI)  upload determines the CMX7241/CMX7341 overall function and operating characteristics.  The CMX7241 and CMX7341 provide the same system functionality and can accept the same FI but are targeted at different system implementations:

  • CMX7241 is pin compatible with the CMX7141 enabling a smooth forward evolution with power saving features and enhancements.
  • CMX7341 has a differential I/Q Rx interface for optimum performance and direct connection to I/Q based RF circuits such as CML’s CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver (DCRx).

Function Images:

  • dPMR™ Mode 1/2/3 Air Interface and lagacy analogue operation - available now
  • DMR Tier1/2/3 Air Interface - available now
  • NXDN™, PDT - on the development roadmap

CMX7241/CMX7341 product page

CMX994A/E Direct Conversion Receiver ICs

The receiver is fully integrated with a broadband Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) preceding the down-converter section and a high dynamic-range I/Q demodulator.

Until recently, most radios have used the superheterodyne (superhet) receiver architecture, however enhancements in semiconductor technology have enabled the integration of DCRx, making it now the technology of choice.

CMX994/994A/994E product page

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